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BugsMotors - English version

About us

For 2 years BugsMotors Ltd has been the only Russian company that promotes such a new products for Russian customers as BUGGY. At the moment it is rather new thing product Russian fans of moto vehicles but nevertheless our company doesn’t change the route and sells only go-karts.

Earlier, before BugsMotors appeared in the market, customers had a chance to see and purchase buggy only in Moscow. Exploring the market of go-karts in RF we found out that most of sold products were of poor quality had no Manuals and were not subject of post-sale service. That is why BugsMotors pays special attention to the quality of distributing go-karts and to the availability of all necessary documents. All models we sell have EEC and have passed Russian Certification obligatory terms of warranty from 6 month up to 1 year; every unit is accompanied by all Manuals in Russian language.  We provide past-sale service and always have spare parts and accessories in stock.  Besides, we passed through all necessary procedures in order to register buggy in the transport Inspection.

According to rather big interest of Russian customers to go-karts at the moment the most important goal for our company is to increase the assortment of distributing products.

New partners are welcome!

Dealing system

Nowadays we actively continue to develop our dealing system. BugsMotors already has dealers in the biggest and the most famous cities in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Nizhniy Novgorod,   Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Voronezh, and Rostov.  We established sales and service departments in all above city.  It is well-known that the quality of service is a very important part of working with customers so we cooperate only with companies which are able to provide the highest level of maintanance.

Shipping around Russia

We deliver products all around Russia. A very convenient location of Krasnoyarsk in the center of Russia allows us to ship buggies to every region of RF.

The main ware house and assembly department are situated in Krasnoyarsk because all go-karts after being completed and tested start their way to future customers. All mechanical personnel working for BugsMotors are very qualified and passed through special training programs. They are always ready to provide dealers and customers with all necessary assistance and travel to any possible location where new dealer’s department appear.


BugsMotors is very attentive to the popularization of buggies among Russian customers.  We permanently distribute advertising materials in federal mass media: articles in special newspapers and magazines, take part in TV- shows . We do our best to participate in the most important Trade Shows.


Contact us: 1, Belinskogo st., 

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660032




Contact person: Kruglikova Maria

Vice Director of International Cooperation

Cell: +73912974080






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